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Lions Youth Forum 2019 Munich

Date: July 13 - August 03, 2019 (no family stay)

Age: 18-25 Years, 20 participants accepted

Airport: Munich (MUC)

„The Impact of Digitalization on Society“
Europe and the rest of the world are going a long way to achieve the so much wanted but also apprehended digital transformation. Goverrnments and companies launch massive initiatives, policy frameworks and funding schemes to promote digitalization in many fields. Are we ready for it? What can we do to prepare? To which extend will smart machines change our life? What are the implications of digital transformation on the labour market? In what ways can we prepare for the digital future?

With the Youth Forum the German Lions yearly organize an ambitious summer academy and welcome high-school graduates, students and trainees from all over Europe. The participants as future leaders are given the opportunity to discuss European ideas beyond historical, political, socio-cultural and economical occurrences.

German language skills are compulsory!